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Air conditioning installers in melbourne

JollyAir has been catering to domestic and commercial A/C installation needs in Melbourne for over a decade now. We attend to repair and maintenance requirements as well. We are the providers of affordable cooling machines from leading brands like Mitsubishi. Our product range includes bulkheads, ceiling cassettes, console split systems, ducted systems, multi head splits, wall mounts, and more. We are best known as the most dependable air conditioning installers in Melbourne. Yes, we hold extensive industry experience and expertise in handling these tasks without messing up the area of work.

During an installation, our technicians will guide you through the process with their technical know-how so that you can operate the machine in the best way without your power bills exploding. Our professionals are fully licensed and insured. JollyAir also offer a guarantee period of 6 years on workmanship. Our commitment is toward facilitating our customers with the ultimate temperature control experience in their residences or offices. Our focus in on the quality of services we provide. We, at JollyAir, have always put our best foot forward to meet customer expectations in the finest way possible. Want to get an A/C installed? Give us a call now.

Split System Air Conditioning & Conditioners Melbourne – Jollyair

We at Jollyair, are a family owned company, who take pride in being one of the top split system air conditioners installers in Melbourne functional since 2001. Our electrical contractors also enjoy working on newly designed and renovated homes. We also take up ventilation contracts on multiple luxury apartments and car parks.

At Jollyair, we are one of the most trusted suppliers and installer of air conditioning solutions in Melbourne. You can buy the best cooling devices from us and have them installed hassle-free. We provide cost-effective solutions for repair and maintenance, too. Residential or commercial spaces, luxury homes or car parking areas – our services are for all purposes. Our team of experienced and skillful professionals cater to room-cooling solutions for new constructions as well as renovated buildings. Our speciality lies in installing split system air conditioners in Melbourne. We sell this product type and even arrange for setup under the supervision of licensed installers. Don’t fret, because Jollyair does not charge extra for the delivery of consignments. We help you pick the most suited machines for your space without denting your wallet.


How Do These Machines Work?

Split cooling systems owe their name to their structure. Half of the machine stays outside the space and works as the condenser and heat exchanger. The other half remains inside and acts as the blower and evaporator. During its functioning, the heat of the air inside a room is pulled in by the fan of the indoor unit and expelled via the outdoor unit. As a result, the air cools down. It is then circulated in the space. In a reverse cycle, the heat can be pumped inside to keep a room warm during winters. At Jollyair, we bring to you split A/Cs from the best brands that function flawlessly.


Why Makes Split Systems A Great Option?

  • They are easy to install.
  • They are useful when you want to heat and cool spaces individually, providing independent temperature control.
  • These A/Cs are best suited for residential purposes, small businesses, and educational institutions.
  • Cooling machines of this type allow the proper filtration of air.
  • Major air particles that cause health hazards are removed in the filtration process.
  • This is a super convenient machine for those suffering from dust allergies and asthma.
  • Their operation is very much quiet and energy-efficient.
  • They do not feed on high volumes of power and hence, stay easy on your electricity bills.


Why Pick A Split System Air Conditioner in Melbourne From Jollyair?

We are the most active and available suppliers and installers of split system air conditioner in Melbourne. A family-run business, Jollyair has been catering to client needs since 2001. We have always focused on the timely delivery of service and provide a 6-year guarantee on our workmanship. We are multi-licensed and absolutely insured. And what’s more, we hate burning holes in pocketbooks as much as you do. Should you be in need of a quality split A/C in your residence or office, look no further than Jollyair – your ultimate confidant for room cooling solutions.

We have the Flair to Install Your Split System

Here at Jollyair we have the expertise and knowledge to install split system air conditioner in Melbourne. After you purchase the system and installation from us, we will arrange for our licenced installers to arrive your place at a time convenient for you with the unit. Delivery is free of charge.


Fully Trained Technicians

All our installers are fully qualified to carry out the split system installation in Melbourne in an efficient manner, regularly updating their skills as products and methods change.


Want to Install Mitsubishi Air Conditioners in Melbourne?

Mitsubishi Electric offers a range of air conditioning machines that are not only powerful, but also elegant. Featured with Catechin Plus air purifying and Anti-Allergy Enzyme filters, these devices are the quietest (19 db) cooling machines you can ever find.
They have an auto-restart feature and operate in eco-friendly ways. Each machine has an LCD display enabled and is a great energy saver. The best part is, they are very easy to clean. Their high standards of quality make them perfect for putting up in residential as well as commercial spaces.


They are sophisticated, yet robust, which give them the ability to endure long running hours in any climate and under any weather condition. Of course, the fixing of these machines is never a DIY affair. If the process goes wrong, there could be frequent malfunctioning, high utility bills, and even a breakdown. Therefore, you definitely need professional assistance for the process.


And, should you be in need of installation services for Mitsubishi air conditioners in Melbourne, don’t forget to contact Jollyair. We have employed a pool of trained experts who have the complete know-how about these machines. Their mastery will let you place your cooling machine in the most efficacious way possible.


Why use our services?

  • We are extremely proud of our high level of service.
  • We provide a timely service for all projects.
  • Customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim.